Powder coating line

Линия за прахово боядисване
Powder coating is the most suitable method for painting and protecting metal products. The three main steps are:
  1. Preliminary preparation – the profiles go through degreasing, rinsing and chrome-free passivation. Degreasing removes any contamination from the surface of the part that would compromise the integrity and quality of the powder coating. Passivation provides better bonding between the powder coating and the profile.
  2. Painting - powder paint is applied using electrostatic guns. The guns give a negative charge to the paint, which through an electrostatic effect "sticks" to the previously grounded profiles.
  3. Curing – the profiles are placed into a furnace at a high temperature, where the powder paint melts and polymerizes, creating a thin, hard and uniform coating.

Powder coating has a number of advantages over other painting methods. The process is fast, economical, environmentally friendly and efficient. The powder coating guarantees very good corrosion protection and gives strength and resistance to impact and scratches. No volatile organic compounds are released during the process as opposed to wet painting and practically 100% of the powder paint is utilized.

Powder coating in combination with sublimation (method which allows the application of a pattern onto a base-coated profile) allows the application of wood decor on profiles, giving them a unique finish imitating wood.

We offer our customers powder painting of the aluminum profiles in RAL color and in wood decor - Golden Oak, Wenge and Nussbaum.

Qualities of aluminum as a material

  • Recyclable
  • Remedy
  • Sustainable
  • Has a high strength to weight ratio
  • Elastic
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Heat conductive
  • Non-toxic
  • Electrically conductive

Extrusion of aluminum profiles

Aluminum is recyclable, remedy, sustainable, has a high strength to weight ratio, elastic, corrosion resistant, heat conductive, non-toxic, electrically conductive
Екструзия на алуминий
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