Quality policy


The main characteristic of our philosophy and practice is the managerial will for constant improvement in all areas of implementation, which forms a modern company culture based on the following principles:
We at UNICOM Ltd. strive for customer satisfaction, which will preserve and expand our positions on the market by means of a flexible and quick response to new ideas and opportunities;
We maintain strong relations with our suppliers, based on criticality and partnership;
We at UNICOM Ltd. have determined the context of the organization and all external and internal factors concerning quality management, as well as monitor changes in them;
We at UNICOM EOOD have taken actions to control the risks and opportunities for the company, having determined the owners of these risks and opportunities, the criteria for assessing the risks and opportunities for business processes, as well as the level of acceptable risk and planning the necessary actions depending on the risk assessment;
We at UNICOM EOOD engage all our associates to ensure the quality of the offered products and services, having clearly defined their roles, powers and responsibilities, ensuring their good information, their right to qualification, as well as teamwork;
UNICOM EOOD has equipment maintained at a very good operational level;
We at UNICOM EOOD carry out a periodic analysis of national and international regulatory documents, evaluate their impact on our activities, as well as continuous control of the fulfillment of all obligations imposed by these types of documents.


Qualities of aluminum as a material

  • Recyclable
  • Remedy
  • Sustainable
  • Has a high strength to weight ratio
  • Elastic
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Heat conductive
  • Non-toxic
  • Electrically conductive

Extrusion of aluminum profiles

Aluminum is recyclable, remedy, sustainable, has a high strength to weight ratio, elastic, corrosion resistant, heat conductive, non-toxic, electrically conductive
Екструзия на алуминий
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